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Accord is a project management platform, purpose-built for B2B sales. It’s like Asana, Trello, or Atlassian, but uniquely customer-facing, so sales reps and buyers can work together on the same platform and stay aligned during complex sales cycles.


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Buying technology is difficult. There are so many things decision makers who are involved in the decision making process. For the buyer leading the project, it involves a 3-24 month evaluation where they have to make a business case for why their company needs a product. Many times this buyer doesn’t have deep knowledge of the product they’re buying or how to buy it.

For the seller, it involves a heroic feat of herding dozens of stakeholders at both the buying company and the selling company.

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Rough wireframe of the initial idea from the client.


If you're looking for an incredibly talented team who happens to be thoughtful, responsive, and an all-around nice guys, then you've found one.

Founder / CRO at InAccord
Ryan K.

What we did

The core of Accord’s platform is an “Evaluation”. An Evaluation is created by a sales rep, and shared with all stakeholders on the buying team and selling team (sales rep, engineers evaluating the product, sales engineers, executive decision makers, legal teams, finance teams, and so on. In addition to evaluations, there are supporting features that better aid the sales teams in improving their buying process, documents management to keep both teams organized, automatic updates to keep both teams up to speed on the evaluation, evaluation directory so both parties understand who’s in an evaluation.


We aimed to entry into Y-Combinator batch. We successfully helped to get secure seed round and continue to help. We plan and make a roadmap for further features request and continue designing and developing.Today,s Accord have successfully onboarded clients like Figma, Netflix, AirTable, Stripe and many others.

Heavy equipment machinery


Streamline deal closing process easy and fast.

Arrow is leading CRM software focusing on heavy equipment industry and made sales process easy. It is a modern platform to manage Inventory, search inventory, Internal feed where team member can post images, video, share product, news, marketing campaigns, custom invoice templates, esign docs, eCommerce experience, finance, closing big deals, reserve online facility, internal chat (team members), external chat (customers) and much more.


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FaceOff The Emotion Capture & Guessing Game

FaceOff is an mobile application that combines the excitement of taking pictures with the mystery of guessing about emotions. The idea is straightforward yet really engaging. When the first user captures the moment, the second user must use their instincts to figure out what emotion is being conveyed in the picture.


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