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FAQs for Digital Audit and Consultation Packages

1. What is included in a digital audit and consultation package?

The package includes audits for your website, content, social media, SEO, paid advertising, analytics, and mobile optimization related issues and errors. We also resolve necessary/basic issues.

2. How long does each audit take?

The duration depends on the package tier: Starter (20 days), Standard (10 days), and Advance (3 days).

3. What are the differences between the package tiers?

The main differences are the audit completion time and the depth of analysis provided. Starter is basic, Standard offers more insights, and Advance is the most comprehensive.

4. How do I choose the right package for my business?

Consider your budget, the urgency of the audit results, and the depth of analysis you need. Contact us for a personalized recommendation.

5. Can I customize my audit package?

Yes, we offer tailored solutions to meet specific needs. Contact us to discuss customization options.

6. What kind of consultation is provided?

We provide strategic advice based on audit findings, helping you optimize your digital presence and improve performance.

7. How do I get started with a digital audit and consultation?

Visit our website, choose a package, and fill out the contact form to get in touch with our team.

8. What is the cost of the packages?

The Starter package is $59, the Standard package is $159, and the Advance package is $259.

9. Do you offer ongoing support after the audit?

Yes, we offer follow-up consultations and support to help implement recommendations.

10. What kind of businesses can benefit from these packages?

Any business looking to improve its digital strategy, from startups to established enterprises, can benefit from our audit and consultation services. If you are a startup or enterprise this digital audit package will surely help to find and resolve your website issues.

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